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Your data is one of the most important assets to your business.     For some organizations, the data “IS” the business.   For this reason, special care must be taken to ensure your data is properly structured and protected.    When the amount of data being utilized begins to grow large, a normalized database is essential.   Improper database design results in performance degradation, inconsistent or incorrect data, and massive amounts of wasted storage.

In addition to a properly modeled database, proper care must be given to security.    When a web application interfaces with the internet, the database must be completely locked down.    Permission is granted in such a way that users can only do what they are intended to do.    Measures are taken to ensure web user accounts do not have the ability to inflict harm on your data or systems.     Encryption is used when necessary to protect sales or personally identifiable information.

Structured database backups are taken to ensure we can rebuild your website, custom applications, and all database data quickly and easily in case of technical issues or a disaster.

With decades of database design and development experience, we understand how to architect data storage solutions for nearly any size company.

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The overall performance of your site can be impacted by many things.
 We provide backend database designs and implementations that are highly optimized.
 We ensure your database is normalized properly for maximum performance while still adhering to essential integrity principals.
 Indexes, streamlined database calls, optimized SQL statements, and tightly written stored procedures are utilized for absolute maximum speed.
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With multiple users and large amounts of data, it is common for poorly designed databases to suffer from inconsistent information, data loss, and other anomalies.
 We architect databases to eliminate redundant data thereby preventing the possibility of inconsistencies while minimizing storage utilization.
 Our source code is transaction based to guarantee the data is always in a consistent state.
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Your data is only as good as it is secure!    If your data is compromised, it can be nearly impossible to clean things and recover. Data backups are also essential to your organization.
 We utilize industry best practices to keep harmful activity from impacting your data and your site.
 We take regular database backups and store them in multiple locations in case of disaster.

Custom Applications

Every organization has their own niche which makes them unique.    Often times uniqueness comes with a need for custom functionality or a custom application.     Most applications require the tracking and maintenance of data as part of their business.   BTC Digital founder Marty Chrenka not only specializes in developing custom database driven applications, but he also teaches the concepts to college students at multiple universities.     Marty and his associates have built, managed, and optimized hugely complex databases while working in the industry.


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