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BTC Digital was founded in 2013.    We specialize in comprehensive web solutions.    We can make your web presence BIGGER and BETTER.

There are many components to any web related project and each piece requires careful attention and expertise.   Just like a chain, a website is only as good as its weakest link.   We know the parts that make websites work.

BTC Digital works diligently to help clients turn ideas into real measurable results.   We are passionate about our work and always ensure requirements and expectations are met or exceeded.    When your site goes live, we don’t run away from you.    We walk with clients hand in hand as they get familiar with new functionality.    We provide education and documentation and will be there to provide support and help clients understand how things work.

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Eyeball representing the requirements gathering and Vision process for Website Design at BTC Digital
Tell us all about your ideas. We can help fine tune your visions and make them a reality. We would like to hear everything there is to know about your company to develop the perfect plan.
Branding Logo for BTC Digital re-branding graphic design services
Brand / Design
Wether you want the perfect website design or an entire new brand, we can help. We’ll architect structure for your information and prototype graphic designs in this phase.
BTC Digital professional develop process for websites and mobile apps
After the planning and design, its time to bring your vision to life and make it function! This is where our expertise thrives with professional database design, structured dynamic coding, and ironclad testing.
Truck showing website delivery process handholding, training, documentation
The time has come – your web site is ready to be released into the world. We’ve been working together for some time now, and the team effort has paid off. But don’t worry, we’re not going anywhere!
Target showing SEO domination and measurable results of website St Louis area
Learn how your customers find your site and what they do on it. Understand how to be found better. Tweak – Improve – Convert- Repeat!   As time goes on, we will be there if you need to call on us for further domination!



BTC Digital Decades of Experience in Web Technology and Website Building
Founder Marty Chrenka and his team have decades of experience in web technology solutions. We understand the importance of your business and will translate our experience into a website that fits your needs.
Call BTC Digital for real effective support before and after website completion
We worked with you hand in hand during construction, so why wouldn’t we be around when its done? Of course we will. We’re there during post launch with support and documentation and we will certainly be around as time goes on.
Measuring tool showing pixel perfect designs from BTC Digital Edwardsville area Best Web Development
Pixel Perfection
The “Pixel Perfect” design paradigm is what we live and breathe. Every image, word, color, and pixel has a perfect look on every page and we put in the overtime to make sure your site is perfect.
Thumbs Up from Clients of BTC Digital professional web design
Because we work with you every step of the way, we know you will be satisfied with the result. We build what you want by creating solid and detailed requirements early. Checkpoints along the way allow you to see progress and verify these requirements are achieved to your liking.
Piggy Bank showing the most cost effective Website you can possibly get for your money St. Louis
Cost Effective
BTC Digital just might be the most cost effective way to get a professional website. Because we are a small operation we do not have the overhead cost and fees associated with larger firms. Your dollar goes straight into the product. Hosting and ongoing support costs are unmatched as well.
Chart showing measurable increase in users thanks to BTC Digital SEO and analytics
Once you have your shiny new website, its time to let it work for you. Learn how to measure results with analytics. Explore how your site is being used and optimize your SEO to gain customers. We can help!

Interested?   We should talk . . .

We would like to hear about your project. We can help you determine requirements or simply give you an estimate if you already know what you need.

Call us at 618-531-4052 or fill out this form and we will get right back with you. Thanks!



Marty Chrenka


BTC Digital was founded in 2013 by Marty Chrenka.     Marty received a Master’s Degree in Computer Science from Washington University in St. Louis and a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science from Truman State University in Kirksville, Missouri.   After working for 17 years as a Senior Engineer / Developer for IBM and Computer Sciences Corporation, Marty decided to start a technology company.     He worked for IBM for 10 years developing and maintaining mission critical applications for companies like Boeing, Ford, Disney and others.     From 2008 – 2014, Marty worked for Computer Sciences Corporations (CSC) as a senior level engineer developing and supporting custom applications for Boeing.

IBM logo where Marty Chrenka Edwardsville St. Louis area Web Developer spent 10 years
CSC logo where Marty Chrenka Edwardsville St. Louis areas number one best Web Designer spent 7 years

Marty has 11 years of experience teaching Web Design and Development courses with multiple Universities.    As a professor of computer science, Marty has designed and taught many college courses.

Uconn Marty Chrenka Web Development Instructor Professor
Advanced Web Development - 6 years
DeVry University Marty Chrenka of BTC Digital is Professor of Web Design and Development Graphic Design
Web Development / Design - 8 years
Grantham University Marty Chrenka of BTC Digital is Computer Science Instructor of Advanced Web Technology
Programming / Web / Database Design - 10 years
Columbia College Missouri where Marty Chrenka of BTC Digital is Instructor of Computer Science Applications
Digital Information Literacy - 11 years
South University Marty Chrenka Computer Science Professor Web Design
Server Administration / Programming - 6 years
California National University Marty Chrenka of BTC Digital is Computer Science Professor of Programming
Web / Application Programming - 9 years
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